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Fellow No Doubters, visitors of justnodoubt.net,

I am very sorry to say that after ten years I decided to close the site. I dedicated an infinite number of hours to this site, it takes a lot of time, effort and persistance to run a fansite; there were great moments like acknowledgement of No Doubt and an invitation to the concert and meet&greet (which unfortunately I could not attend, but I was still incredibly grateful to the band), all the appreciation and help from the fellow fans which was for a long time a fuel that kept me going and made making daily updates a very pleasant activity; there were also worse moments, but it is not the time and place to mention them, mostly because the good moments simply outweigh them. I still can’t believe that just a girl from just a small European country managed to create one of the biggest No Doubt fansites on the internet.

Finally a time came when I am not able to spend as much time on the site as I used to and as I would like to. And I don’t want to run a site that I can’t fully dedicate to, a site that would be updated once a month or even less often, thus, after a careful consideration I have come to the conclusion that I have to end this adventure. I can only hope that justnodoubt.net will be remembered for what it was – a site created out of love and admiration to the wonderful band.

I first started the site because of the photos of No Doubt. I quickly realized that I’m quite good at finding rare photos of the band (it was ten years ago!, back then finding photos on the internet was not as easy as nowadays ;)) and when my collection grew I decided that I want to share those photos with other fans. And couple years later the biggest and most comprehensive gallery of No Doubt photos emerged out of this little idea. This gallery is my great pride and joy. I only wish I had more time in the past few years, so that I could upload the thousands of photos that still hide on my hard drive ;)

I guess now it’s time to thank you all – No Doubt, Gwen, Tom, Tony, Adrian, Stephen, Gabe, their gorgeous families, the No Doubters, visitors of justnodoubt.net, fellow webmasters and all the people that randomly happened to visit this site. THANK YOU for the great ten years, I love you all.

I might not have time to run such a big fansite, but… I am still not ready to give up on the photos. Especially that with the new album we will probably have hundreds of new photoshoots (for which I can’t wait for a long time!) Anyway, I created a tumblr. for No Doubt photos – new, old, rare and well-known – in short, any photos that I want to share with the fans ;) Some of you probably know that a while ago I started a Twitter for the site – I am going to keep it and post the most important news there. There is also justnodoubt Youtube channel that should prove useful for all the upcoming new videos, performances and interviews. So make sure to bookmark that:

I am not quite sure how much longer the site will be online. That one depends on the providers of my server. My guess is that justnodoubt.net will disappear on its (and Tom’s) birthday – on 11 January. You still have 3 days to browse the site and save anything you want. Maybe you will even find something new that you haven’t seen before.

Once again, thank you for visiting the site and supporting it.

Love you,




Gwen Stefani spends a day with her husband and sons, January 7th.


MTV Wants The Entire Noir Jewelry For L.A.M.B. Collection

When it comes to Gwen Stefani’s super fun fashion line, L.A.M.B., we’re all over any and all of it, but when you add Noir Jewelry into the mix, we’re positively exploding with gold-studded, accessory-obsessed joy. Noir’s Leeora Catalan has accessorized the last two L.A.M.B. fashion week presentations, and she and Stefani decided to collaborate on an entire collection for spring/summer 2012. Inspired by India and punk, there are tribal-style drop necklaces, gold bracelets interwoven with black cords, studded rings, and dangling pyramid earrings among many other covetable pieces that we can’t WAIT to add to our spring wardrobe. In fact, there’s so much we want in this collection that we’d like to go ahead and take it ALL.


Gwen recently told WWD, “I’m loving Noir Jewelry right now,” and you can tell from this collaboration that the feeling is mutual. Noir’s Catalan said, “Gwen, her team and I, we come from the same tribe. We get each other in so many ways. Collaborating on this collection seemed so natural.” The pieces themselves are primarily geometric in shape and are either attached by cords or adorned in multicolored strands of them. We particularly love the long black and red necklace with a spike pendant and the multi-studded gold bracelet and necklace that are looped through with black and white cords.

As for the gold pieces, they’re all bold, graphic, and can easily be worn together; in fact, you can mix and match practically everything from the collection. Even though there are different design elements to the pieces, they all work harmoniously. The bracelets can be stacked (unless you go with that mega cuff above right, which is a statement in and of itself), and the earrings and ring together would complement a black dress, layered basics, or pretty much anything in your closet that you want to punk out with some edginess. We suggest truly going for it, though, and trying a black and gold multi-studded bib necklace that is guaranteed to add major dramz (and attitude) to any outfit. Don’t forget to pair it with one of Gwen’s favorite unicorn buns, too.



Gwen Stefani takes Zuma to the doctor’s in Santa Monica, January 5th.


Gwen Stefani takes L.A.M.B. to Noir for a Glam Jewelry Collab

Thanks to Rosie from everythingintime.com for the info, Fashion Indie posted first photos of L.A.M.B. jewelry designed in collaboration with Noir.

“After two seasons of glamming the L.A.M.B. runway with Noir Jewelry, Gwen Stefani and Noir desiner Leeora Catalan have teamed up to create a collection together. “We come from the same tribe,” says Catalan of the ease with which they collaborate. The result is a melange of Indian glints and punk glamour. With golden spikes and twisted ropes, beaded jeweled neck plates and diamond cut gold, this shit is bananas, and I want it all.”



Twitter updates

Tony, earlier today- skiing at the top of @sundanceresort http://pic.twitter.com/nQmeY3uX


1:06 AM – 5 Jan 12 via Twitter for iPhone

Greetings from Sundance, Utah! http://pic.twitter.com/TLWopntv


4 Jan 12 via Photos on iOS



Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale take their sons to the Underwood Family Farms on New Year’s Eve, December 31st.


Magazine cover

Gwen is on the cover of January issue of In Style in Indonesia.



L’Oreal EverPure + Outtake

Here’s a full photo of Gwen’s L’Oreal EverPure ad.

I have also found an outtake from the photoshoot taken in Cannes by Kenneth Willardt.


Harajuku Mini for Target

Second installation of Harajuku Mini for Target is now available online. You can watch the whole new collection here.

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