‘In the Land of Blood and Honey’ Premiere

‘In the Land of Blood and Honey’ premiere held at ArcLight Cinemas, December 8th.

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  1. Hey!! Thank you again for the awesome site! I hope you don’t mind I used pictures from your awesome gallery to make a ND youtube video! *shy*

  2. is it me or do Gwen’s teeth look different? in the recent photos she has a madonna-like gap between her 2 front teeth – and i also don’t see her gummy smile – did she add veneers? i personally liked her old teeth better assuming she had work done on her mouth.
    she’s still awesome.

  3. Gwen looks really pretty here.

  4. She’s getting a gap between her front two teeth! I’m sure that’s new?! Cool though!

  5. Sam I noticed the same thing! I never realized she had a gap there? I guess that’s what she attempted to fix years ago when she had braces…

  6. Actually I noticed the gap between Gwen’s front teeth as well, strange I’d never seen it before I’m sure.

  7. I wonder if she used to have her teeth bonded? I don’t think it lasts forever and she did go to the dentist a lot in London…

  8. Gwen’s teeth don’t look very good :| It’s the front teeth and yes they do look like veneers and where did that gap come from? I read somewhere that the braces from late 1999 were to prevent her teeth from curving inward like her grandmother’s, so something completely different.

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